5 Ways of Adaptability in Bangkit 2023

May 3, 2023
Learn about the five ways of adaptability in the Bangkit 2023 program and how they helped in personal and professional growth.
Hi everyone, I will share my experience applying these five ways and how they helped me develop myself in the Bangkit Academy led by Google, Tokopedia, Gojek, & Traveloka.
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Ways of Interacting

When I first joined Bangkit, I looked for new friends through various social media platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and others. In addition, Bangkit also requires the use of English in its activities. Initially, I had difficulty communicating in English. However, to overcome this, I used to consume English-language content, such as reading articles and watching videos. Now, I am relatively easy to interact with using English.

Ways of Achieving

When joining Bangkit, I aimed to develop my technical skills in Machine Learning. To achieve this, I attended all mandatory sessions and took the opportunity to interact with fellow Bangkit Cohort and Mentors.

Ways of Learning

One of the Ways of learning I apply is to learn more about the topic before the learning session begins. By doing this, I can prepare myself well and better understand the material to be discovered. In addition, I also use my experience and connect it with the topics being learned. This way, I can strengthen my understanding of the topic and make it more relevant to daily life.

Ways of Working

One of the Ways of working I apply is to learn in the early morning. I can focus better and away from distractions at this time. To implement this habit, I forced myself to sleep earlier, even though I used to stay up late. In addition, I also use time management methods such as the Eisenhower Matrix to set priorities for my tasks. By doing this, I can maximize the available time and improve my work productivity.

Ways of Thinking

At the beginning of Bangkit, I attended the first mandatory session that discussed growth mindset. At that time, I realized that I was more prone to having a fixed mindset than a growth mindset. However, the session opened my mind and helped me understand that a growth mindset also includes accepting criticism with an open mind, having confidence, and taking risks. Since then, I have tried to adopt a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, I can continue to learn and grow.


Through the five ways of adapting, I have learned to interact with like-minded individuals, set achievable goals, prepare for learning sessions, work efficiently, and adopt a growth mindset. These skills have helped me not only in the program but also in my personal and professional life.
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