Jan 20, 2023
Hiskia Anggi Puji Pratama is a Computer Science student interested in Machine Learning, proficient in web development, and actively involved in research projects on algorithms for image recognition and natural language processing.
Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to read about me. My name is Hiskia Anggi Puji Pratama. I am an aspiring Computer Science student interested in Machine Learning. I am pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science and actively studying and researching Machine Learning.
My interest in Machine Learning started when I was introduced to the topic during one of my courses. I was fascinated by the idea of computers learning from data and making predictions based on that data. This led me to explore the field further. I have since been involved in several research projects on Machine Learning, including developing algorithms for image recognition and natural language processing.
Apart from my interest in Machine Learning, I have also been exploring other areas of computer science, such as data structures and algorithms, computer networks, and software engineering. A solid foundation in these areas is essential for any aspiring computer scientist, and I am constantly working to improve my skills and knowledge.
In addition to my academic pursuits, I work as a web developer. I am proficient in various tech stacks such as Laravel, Node.js, and Vue.js. Web development is an exciting and dynamic field with constant advancements and improvements, which motivates me to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends.
Thank you for getting to know me better, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!